It's been a while since I wrote a standard issue. So, how about a quick reminder? Issues are weekly emails, a short commentary about the publication, and most importantly, a round-up of the recent stories.

I won't bore you with the technicalities of what happened behind the stage - I'm just constantly working and testing things to make this place possible. Building an independent portal without any institutional backing and polarizing topics is a hell of a task.

Still, our wheels are in motion, and the number of users and subscribers grows weekly. I'm grateful for every beautiful soul who found this place valuable and decided to join the ship - love you all.

Also, I'm not too concerned about the number of new articles because 99% of our content is evergreen - we're not a news publication. Therefore, new users can just browse our tags and find something to read. Moving on to recent articles, I raised some issues regarding capitalism:

The Illusion of Value on Social Media: Engagement Groups
Why bother? Just take your card and create social proof on demand
How Capitalism Takes Away the Joy of Doing Anything
Times when everything - from basic needs to fancy desires - is just a price tag

I've also updated our book recommendations to a cleaner list ordered by category and added a few more books worth checking.

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