Irrelevant Matters is a place where we:

  • promote general curiosity and self-inquiry
  • explore various ideas and approaches to life
  • break stereotypes
  • challenge cultural or social keys
  • correct popularized misunderstandings
  • question current trends
  • promote philosophy, spirituality (not religion), and science

We want to spread curiosity and ideas, not frustration and unnecessary confusion - our goal is always to leave the reader with a positive and clear impression, regardless of the topic's difficulty.

In other words, we do what we can to enrich people's experiences without creating more problems than they already have.

Consider us a place where you can come and always read something interesting about culture, society, philosophy, science, ideas, or spirituality, free from all dogma, politics, ideologies, and other poisons for your mind.

Besides, we're independent writers - you don't have to worry about reading bitter intellectuals who follow all the silly rules of academic writing, trying to impress an invisible audience with their perfection.

And don't get me wrong - we're always trying to deliver the best content possible. But we don't want to trade our authenticity for perfection. After all, we want to compete with cat videos.

We believe that people have all the answers they need within themselves. They just need to be a little curious to reach for them. Thus, we don't have any dogma. We don't want to play coaches, gurus, or teachers. We don't want to convert readers to any culture or religion. Instead, we follow the realization of the father of philosophy, Socrates, and just promote natural curiosity in as many fields as possible - he said:

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think."