Irrelevant Matters is a home for all the curious minds who want to express their curiosity as I expressed in the idea of the publication.

We're active here and at our publication on Medium which is sort of our satellite that serves the same idea as the official website here and where everybody can request to join and submit their story after getting approved as a writer. The publication on Medium is open to everyone, though it's still not a place where we accept anything just to have more content.

Here we feature the best stories from established writers we've already worked with and who fit the spirit of our pub. And we pay them for their work - as much as we can at this stage of the pub's development.

The flat rate for an article depends on the submitted article and the author's contribution to the promotion of the article, i.e. its activity and reach in social media. We pay only for articles exclusively written and published on our portal - we don't accept re-post and don't allow the piece to be reposted in the future. The only exception to this rule is if an author wants to publish an article on our website and then republish it on Medium in our publication sometime after the original publication date.

The publication here is invite-only. We don't have open mail for submissions, but technically every submission we get on Medium has a chance to receive a special private note, asking if the author wants to publish here and become one of the authors - and of course, get paid for it.

We seek stories written from a personal perspective (not diary entries) backed by at least some research from reliable sources - we want people to explore their curiosity on various topics, but we don't want to spread more nonsense than there already is on the internet by promoting, e.g., bro science or conspiracy theories.