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Don't Be Fooled That Life Is a Race

Siddhārtha Gautama, known as Buddha, once wisely said: “Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.” It’s wise, as we can expect from the enlightened one, but our society is absolutely against it — overly passionate about the future or the past but not the present. From the...

The Era of Endless Content and Overstimulation

Our modern world isn’t ideal, but never in the history of humanity have people — at least this many people, lived in such prosperity as today. We live minor tragedies compared to our ancestors, and most of us in developed countries don’t even think of basic needs — we take...

Modern Life Is Not an Urban Jungle

Many people like to consider themselves as some godly, alpha species outside this world. And although we indeed have immense potential deep inside, before everything — biologically, we are animals. And we still have many primal instincts that manifest even in our modern 21st century. There is a clear correlation between...

What Makes Humans So Different from Other Animals

Human, by definition in biology, is just animal. Like most animals, we have cells with genetic material, lungs, a nervous system, a heart, a brain, and other components. And we move to gain energy and feed our bodies, excreting unprocessed waste. Nothing special. If we leave our technology, take off...

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